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Junior Hustlers

Young entrepreneurs, working towards breaking new grounds in their industry. Usually they have a working product/solution with seed capital/funding and what they need right now is distribution and PR/branding. With mentoring as an icing on the cake.

Senior Hustlers

Successful entrepreneurs with measurable experience building businesses. Typically they've either sold a business before or gone public or they could currently be running a business with 10 million naira in revenue.

Community Managers

As the name implies, they are the people that work behind the scenes to make the connections happen. Once they identify a fit between business needs they make the calls.
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Do I qualify?

Before we can extend an invitation to you must be between ages 15 and 40.
Say no to oldies!!!
For you to qualify as a hustler on our platform you must be either a founder or co-founder of a business.
Else, you would have to convince us on why you should be part of the family.
Company should have recorded a reasonable amount of sales from start date.
If you are not selling, what are you doing?
Your business should have some level of financing already.
Typically, this platform is not set for hungry people who are desperately in need of funding.
It can so happen that 2 people in the same community have a need of starting a business and the other investing in a business.
Our Community Managers can make that happen to.

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